95% of forest fires in Turkey caused by humans

Forests provide goods and services such as water, food and shelter that are necessary for sustainable development while also supporting the conservation of nature and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Turkey’s forests make up 28 percent of Turkey’s surface area. In Turkey East Mediterranean coastline, Aegean, Marmara and West Black Sea Regions are among the regions that are vulnerable to forest fires.

60 percent of forests in Turkey are located in the regions that are vulnerable to fires and Calabrian pine forests, black pine forests and maquis are the most vulnerable areas.

In Turkey all afforestation works are being done by General Directorate of Forestry in order to re-establish the burnt forests and to make the forests more resilient to fires.

95 percent of forest fires are caused by humans.

In order to draw attention to forest fires in Turkey, short infographic videos are produced in the context of Integrated Forest Management Project which is implemented by General Directorate of Forestry in collaboration with UNDP and with the financial support of GEF.