Applications to ‘Future is in Tourism’ end on 3rd of July

Gelecek turizmdeThird round of applications for ‘Future is in Tourism Sustainable Tourism Support Fund’, implemented with the partnership of Anadolu Efes, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to support the local development with sustainable tourism, continue until 3 July.

‘Future is in Tourism’ project started in 2007 with the partnership of Anadolu Efes, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and UNDP and it will support three more projects this year, which will contribute to sustainable tourism.

The applications for ‘Future is in Tourism Sustainable Tourism Support Fund’ which aims to increase the number of best examples in the field of sustainable tourism through cooperation of local tourism actors and civil society organizations with public and private institutions, are accepted between 12 May-3 July. In addition to support fund given to the projects, implementation support, such as training, communication and mentoring are also provided within the scope of the fund.

440 projects from 74 cities applied in 2012 and 2013

On the first year of the project, ‘%100 Misia’ project’, ‘Creating Women- Led Sustainable Tourism Initiatives in Mardin’ project and ‘Traditional Kitchen of Seferihisar’ project were supported. In the second period, ‘Stonemasonry at Göbeklitepe, the Oldest Temple of the World’, ‘Malatya’s Legacy, Arslantepe’ and ‘A Souvenir from Safranbolu’ were selected to support.

‘Future is in Tourism’ started in 2007 with the Eastern Anatolia Tourism Development Project

Eastern Anatolia Development Project (TDEAP) in 2007 were implemented with the partnership of Anadolu Efes, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and UNDP. Within the scope of the project, more than 20 family hostels were opened and three non-governmental organizations – one of them is a women association – were founded to support tourism in Uzundere district of Erzurum. In addition to local festivals like bird watching, sport activities like photography, trekking, mountain biking, camping, picnic, canoe, sail, oarsmanship and water-skiing were organized. With the project, the region gained more traction from local and foreign tourists. The district of Uzundere was called as the Tourism Center with the decision of the Council of Ministers in October 2013. Moreover, within the scope of the project, 5000 people in 27 cities were given trainings on tourism by Bogazici University in the years of 2007-2012. As a result of trainings, a number of local associations were supported to be founded.

10 cities… Non-Governmental Organizations… Local Administrations Meeting

It is important for the projects which are going to be submitted to establish partnerships between private sector, public institutions and NGOs. In this respect, it was aimed to increase the quality of applications for the next period with the Capacity Building Seminars organized in different cities of Turkey. 505 people were given training about sustainable tourism and project writing techniques in 10 cities where NGOs were also participated.

‘World is Yours’ blog is live…

‘World is Yours’ blog, the new digital platform of ‘Future in Tourism’, has become live. In this blog, six renowned bloggers like Refika Birgul, Billur Saatci, Styleboom, Engin Kaban, Altug Galip and Onder Koca led by Saffet Emre Tonguc visit sustainable tourism projects that bring local cultures in different regions of Turkey in the foreground and then they write about the beauties they saw, the local areas they visited, the history they touched as well the sustainable tourism and being a responsible tourist.

You can visit website for detailed information about the applications to ‘Sustainable Tourism Support Fund’ and the evaluation process.