Argande’s new collection bears the essence of water

IMG_0626‘Su İyeleri’, which is known as ‘protecting soul of water’ and the most important cults of nature in the Turkish mythology, are coming to the surface, out of water for Argande’s 2016 Spring-Summer Collection.

The Introduce (Takdim) collection of Argande is inspired by ‘Su Atası’ and ‘Su İyeleri’, which are important cults of nature, and the collection is prepared to honor the magnificent nature of the water which stays the same in its nature although it changes and transforms.

It is believed that ‘Su Atası’ and ‘Su İyeleri’ live in an underwater castle, which is reached only by hidden passages between giant rocks under the depths of water. It is told that ‘Su Ata’, which is the God of Water in Turkish, Tatar and Altai Mythologies, does not tolerate people who pollutes the water, therefore this mythological creature does never go up to the surface of the water.

‘Su İyeleri’ are mythical characters that changes its shape. They are tasked by ‘Su Atası’ to protect the source of water and therefore named the protecting souls of water. ‘Su İyeleri’ expect people living nearby the water to be respectful to the water they are protecting.

Argande’s new collection brings the traditional ceremony back to life which had been told in mythological stories.

This collection intends to bring water, indispensable to all living creatures and source of life, together with the Argande woman.

Argande woman will give life to the collection comprised by water green, yellow, white and silver colors. Argande woman will do water sports on the dams on the Southeast Anatolia, for the concept shooting of the collection.

Colors used in Introduce (Takdim) have symbolic meanings. Yellow represents the sun, green for water, white for clouds, silver for the fish.

Kutnu, an important fabric from Southeast Anatolia, will breathe new life to the collection.

Introduce (Takdim) is designed by Hatice Gökçe and Zehra Zülfikar. It is a Summer Collection brings comfort and naturality together via using only natural wincyettes and cozy coupes.