Dreams Academy, which makes barrier free life real, opened its new center in Kas

akademiDreams Academy, which aims at “waking up the sleeping giant” to realize dreams of persons with disabilities, opened its new center in Kaş.

12 percent of Turkey’s population consists of persons with disabilities. Since 2008, Dreams Academy has been continuing its endeavors to help persons with disabilities get involved in social life.

The new center of Dreams Academy opened in Çukurbağ Village of Kaş will offer free education, production and cohabiting services with alternative, innovative and sustainable methods for each individual and group that has experienced social exclusion for any reason, especially for those with a disability or a chronic disease.

The opening activities for the Academy started on 12 June with Social Inclusion Band’s outstanding performance at the Echo Bar stage and continued with the ceremony on 13 June which was organized with the participation of local people.

Gökhan Öğüt, CEO of Vodafone Turkey, other board members, Hansın Doğan, UNDP Turkey Programme Manager, Selami Kapankaya, Governor of Kaş District, Faruk Atılgan Director of National Education in Kaş, Muğla Basketball Team without barriers, İstanbul Dreams Company and press members also participated in the activities.

“We will wake up the sleeping giant”

Ercan Tutal, who is the Founding President of Alternative Life Association’s (AYDER) said the following at the opening ceremony of the Academy: “When you turn your back to the sea and look at the mountains in Kaş, you see the shadow of a sleeping giant. 12 percent of Turkey’s population consists of persons with disabilities or chronic diseases.  These individuals are the biggest minority of this country that do not go out or are not let out of their homes, marginalized because of their disabilities, could not be a part of the social life or the society and they were made to believe that they cannot do sports, or understand art… We will wake up the sleeping giant.”