Field studies continue within the scope of “ILO Response to Syrian Influx in Turkey” project

Field StudiesILO Office for Turkey currently carries out two field studies jointly with its stakeholders in order to enhance the knowledge base for further activities as part of the “ILO Response to Syrian Influx in Turkey” project started in June 2015.

Within this context, a field research has been initiated with Harran University and Karacadağ Development Agency with a special focus on the demand side of the labour market. The objective of the field research entitled “Employers’ Outlook to the Employment of Syrians in Şanlıurfa” is to present the status of Turkish employers in terms of sectors, enterprise scale (size) and labour market expectations, to reveal the attitude of Turkish employers towards the labour force participation of Syrians, to investigate employment possibilities and to recommend policies on the Syrian community in Şanlıurfa. The study also targets to explore the attitude of native employees towards the employment of Syrians by conducting questionnaires and to reveal the overall working conditions and environment from the workers’ point of view.

On the other hand, ILO Office for Turkey has also started a situation analysis for Syrian children working on streets in Çankaya, Altındağ and Yenimahalle districts in Ankara. The study is being carried out with Hacettepe University, Children’s Rights Research and Application Center and in association with Ankara Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies. The research aims to identify the demographic and socioeconomic status of children working on streets and their families; to explore the causes of working on streets, working and living conditions and problems deriving from working on streets; on the basis of these findings, to develop suggestions to relevant governmental institutions; and to contribute awareness about the issue in society.

Both studies are planned to be completed by mid-December 2015 and the ILO would share the findings with wider audience and policy makers.