Improving data collection on OSH – the discussion on a roadmap for action continues

DATA COLLECTION ON OSHAt a meeting on 27 August 2015 at the ILO office for Turkey in Ankara, stakeholders pursued the discussion on how to improve the national systems for collecting data on occupational accidents and diseases. This working group meeting was a follow-up to a workshop 28 May 2015 on the same topic. The group reached an agreement on how to structure the numerous issues raised in May around three main themes.

As reported previously, the ILO Office for Turkey hosted a lively workshop at its office in Ankara on 28 May 2015 to identify the main priorities and a future roadmap for the improvement of the collection and dissemination of data on occupational accidents and diseases in Turkey. This initial problem identification meeting was followed up in this second workshop with representatives from the government, employers’ and workers’ organizations, public hospitals and the private sector.  At the present stage of the discussions – which will be pursued at a third concluding meeting later in the fall – the working group agreed that the relevant issues could be grouped under three main headings:


  • The level of skills and training for the relevant partners
  • Lack of clarity regarding relevant concepts and processes as well as relevant regulations, diagnostic systems and procedures in use.
  • The level of political will on the part of the government and related agencies



Having identified these major problem areas in the national system, the working group turned their attention possible solutions to these major problems. These discussions focused on the need for improved and intensified awareness raising campaigns and training sessions for medical schools, occupational physicians, employers and employees on occupational risks and diseases; ensuring the setup of a system which ensures that the needs for information can be satisfied independently from – or at least in harmony with –  the compensation system; the development of a system to be used jointly by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labour and Social Security respectively.

Based on the outcome of these discussions a concluding workshop joining all relevant partners will be organized by the ILO in November 2015 with international expertize from the ILO in Geneva as inveitees. The focus of that concluding meeting would be to develop a practical and forward looking roadmap for action in this area.