Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals at Model UN

bilkentMUNOn 19 January, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were introduced to the Model United Nations (MUN) delegates at a conference in Ankara.

The National Information Officer of UNIC Ankara attended the opening ceremony of the Bilkent University MUN conference as a keynote speaker.

At the event attended by 400 Turkish and foreign students from various universities and high schools around Turkey, UNIC outlined the successes of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and why, especially youth, should support and promote the 17 SDGs to transform the world and create an inclusive future for all.

During his presentation, the Officer first explained why 2015 was declared a “Time for Action” for the planet and the people by the United Nations and emphasized the importance of adopting of the goals by World Leaders.

In his presentation, the Officer also explained that success of the SDGs was extremely important for the youth because they would determine all the development plans for the next 15 years.

Since their adoption of by world leaders in September, UNIC Ankara prioritizes promotion of global goals at its outreach activities.