UNIDO 4th International Workshop on Cleanroom Training

UNIDO_POSTERUNIDO organizes international training programs for experts coming from mostly Central Asia, Middle East and Africa every year. Training programs are organized on food processing with TUBITAK (MAM), on nanotechnology with Bilkent University (UNAM), on textile and leather laboratories with TUBITAK (BUTAL).

UNAM hosted the 4th “International Workshop on Cleanroom Training for Critical and Sustainable Technologies” program on 16 – 27 June 2014. This years’ focus theme was “Sensors”, therefore micro/nanoscale sensor materials aspects and sensor device technologies were explored throughout the program. The workshop is a collaborative initiative of UNIDO and UNAM, and is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Turkish International Cooperation & Coordination Agency (TIKA), and Turkish Ministry of Development.

The immediate objective of the workshop was to expose and advance the knowledge and understanding of participants in the area of nanotechnology applications. The participants were trained on the fundamentals of cleanroom use and safety; micro/nano-scale process design and optimization; project and process specific equipment training.

The workshop brought together in total 40 participants out of these, 30 were from developing countries and transition economies selected by TIKA and UNIDO collaboratively, and 10 were from the host country, Turkey.