UNIDO Technical Textiles/Nonwovens Industry Programme 2015 is Completed

940-310UNIDO organizes training programs on textile processing with MOSIT (Turkish Ministry of Science Industry and technology) and TIKA(Turkish Cooperation and Cordination Agency), on textile and leather laboratories with TUBITAK (BUTAL). As of September 2015, participants from 13 different countries have attended the training programme organized at TUBITAK BUTAL. The training program on Technical Textiles in Nonwovens Industry 2015 was carried out between the days of 8-19 September 2015.

The objectives of the training programme was to upgrade knowledge and skills of the participants in the field of technical textiles/nonwoven industry and to facilitate technical and business exchanges and partnership among developing countries. Participants were from Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kenya , Nigeria, Sudan, Turkey, Vietnam, Tunusia, Bosnia-Herzegoviana, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan.

The Government of Turkey, has so far successfully implemented 16 international training programs at TUBITAK BUTAL in Bursa between 1992 and 2015 in cooperation with UNIDO, Ministry of Science Industry and Technology and Turkish International Cooperation & Coordination Agency, for participants from developing countries in the field of agro-related industries, i.e. textile processing, testing and quality control, finishing of cotton textiles, training-of-trainers, quality and process control in leather and textiles, sustainable cotton production, cleaner production technologies, etc.