Workshop on family farming in Ankara

fao-3baA national level workshop on family farming was organized in Ankara in collaboration with Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MFAL), focusing on the importance of family farming through the perspective of gender equality and socio-economic aspects.

340 participants in total, including high level officials from Ministries, scholars from Middle East Technical University and Ankara University, representatives from chamber of veterinarians, agriculture, and food engineers participated at the two day workshop held on on June 12-13.

Approximately 40 family farmers who have been a part of various projects implemented by MFAL, found opportunity to share their experiences and challenges they faced.

“In both developed and developing countries, over 500 million family farms, defined as farms that rely primarily on family members for labour and management, produce the food that feeds billions of people” said Mustapha Sinaceur, FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for Central Asia. “In many developing countries family farms represent up to 80 percent of all farm holdings.”

In his opening speech, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi Eker declared the government action plan on family farming. “MFAL is in preparation of an action plan which involves the detection of current problems.” said Eker. “We will facilitate to solve those problems by taking necessary steps, and determining time frame, and collaborators who will involve in the process”.

Workshops on family farming will be conducted in nine different cities of Turkey throughout the year.