3RP 2019-2020 Turkey Country Chapter Launch Supporting National Efforts to Deal with the Continued Impact of the Syria Crisis

3RPphoto3RP 2019-2020 Turkey Country Chapter was launched on the 5th of March in Ankara aiming to support the government’s response to the impact of the Syria crisis in Turkey as the country continues to host the world’s largest refugee population for the fifth consecutive year.

The plan highlights a shift towards a more focused approach on the referral and inclusion of some 3.6 million Syrian refugees into government services through the following areas: Protection of vulnerable individuals by strengthening of services; Enhanced basic service delivery; Immediate assistance to refugees and vulnerable members of the host community; Expansion of livelihood and job opportunities for refugees and host community members.

“The 3RP defines a framework under which partners support government endeavours to protect refugees. It aims to contribute to responding to the needs of refugees and supporting the service providers,” said Katharina Lumpp, UNHCR Turkey Representative. “The plan includes interventions not only to protect refugees and support the provision of quality services but also takes into account the key role of host communities and the need to contribute to social cohesion,” she added.

The Regional Refugee and Resilience Response Plan (3RP) in Turkey is an integrated humanitarian and resilience plan coordinated by UNDP and UNHCR. The plan defines the collective vision of 11 UN and 27 NGO partners seeking $1.75 bn to collectively support the Government’s efforts.