A Workshop organised by ILO in Ankara on the Review of the Training Programmes of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Professionals

IMG_7832Within the context of ongoing the technical assistance project in Turkey on “Continued Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety in Turkey through Compliance with International Labour Standards”, a stakeholders workshop was organized on 8th December 2017 in Ankara in order to share the results of the study “Reviewing the Training Programmes of OSH Professionals”. The results of the report which was prepared by Dr. Buhara Önal in cooperation with the ILO Office for Turkey were disseminated among the stakeholders including the high level representatives of MoLSS, Ministry of Health, workers’ representatives, universities, non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives and related associations.

Within the scope of the study, current status and related legislation regarding the training programmes of OSH Professionals were presented and a questionnaire was carried out in order to determine the needs. Besides, international good practices also take place in the report. Throughout the study, it was aimed to make recommendations on the review and improvement of the training programmes of occupational safety experts and occupational physicians in Turkey.

The need to improve the duration, methodology, content and qualifications of the trainers of the current training programmes were discussed; and particularly the need for standardised training materials and advanced/sectoral training was highlighted during the workshop. Furthermore, it was suggested to increase and improve the practical training. MoLSS representatives stated that the necessary studies to enhance the curriculum will be initiated by the Government in the near future also taking into account the report prepared by the ILO in order to improve the training programmes of OSH Professionals.