Awareness Raising and Training Activities continuing under the ‘Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life Project’

ilo-farkindalikThe first bulk of trainings held during March-May 2017, has been an important priority of the Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life Project, has been completed successfully. Hundreds of representatives from public institutions, international organizations, workers’ and employers’ confederations, unions and members of academy attended the trainings on ‘International Labour Standards and the Social Dialogue Acquis of the EU’ held at ILO Office in Turkey.

The project team continues with the nation-wide awareness raising activities; students of TED, Gazi, İzmir Ekonomi, Dokuz Eylül, Trakya, Antalya and Akdeniz Universities have been informed on social dialogue mechanisms, basic rights, situation in Turkey and the future of work, during the April-June 2017 period. A total of 50 educational institutions, including universities and high schools would have been visited by 2018.  Also 120 SME managers and representatives have been informed on the content and priorities of the project at a seminar held on 24th of May in İstanbul. The TV Spot which has been produced within the framework of the project has been chosen by RTÜK – the high authority of radio and television in Turkey-, as ‘compulsory broadcast’ which is to be shown on all national channels in prime time. The second bi-annual Steering Committee Meeting where the stakeholders of ‘Improving Social Dialogue Project’ have been informed on due processes and changes has taken place at the ILO Office in Turkey under the moderation of Director Numan Özcan.The representatives of the bodies that had been chosen for ‘grant’ have been informed on the main rules and priorities vis-à-vis the implementation at the ‘Grant Management and Implementation Training’ held at the premises of the ILO Office in Turkey.

Aiming to promote social dialogue at all levels in Turkey, the ILO Office for Turkey has started the “Technical Assistance for Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life” project, in August 2016. The project prioritizes increasing the capacity of social partners, relevant public institutions and awareness-raising on social dialogue at all levels through a holistic approach.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) is the main beneficiary of the project where the general public, workers, employers and staff of public agencies are considered as the final beneficiaries.

Estimated results of the 24 month project are; Improved institutional capacity of MoLSS, related institutions and social partners to better engage in social dialogue in working life; Increased awareness of the institutions and the general public on freedom of association, collective bargaining and social dialogue at all levels; and Improved social dialogue mechanisms at all levels. The project will be achieving the above listed estimated results, through a wide and detailed web of actions, trainings, meetings, publications and a variety of communication initiatives.