FAO celebrated the 30th anniversary of Farmer Field Schools in Konya, Turkey; a leading country in agricultural production


FAO Turkey celebrated the 30th anniversary of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) in Konya region within the scope of Sustainable Land Management and Climate Friendly Agriculture.

FFS can be described as `Farmers’ participatory learning process`. It is an interactive learning process taking place in the locations where production takes place, rather than one way learning in a seminar room. For FFS’ a season long approach is key, and the farmers are in the center of the learning process.

“Farmers are the key for food production, all institutions must make greater efforts to support their powers and agricultural production to ensure global and national food security’’ stated by Viorel Gutu, FAO Representative in Turkey at the celebration ceremony.

Konya province in Turkey has vast production capacity, even internationally recognized as a granary of Turkey where diversification of agricultural production is increasing and improving its industry. All these developments also bring along several challenges, such as climate change, land degradation and water availability. For this reason, FAO is promoting Farmer Field School in Konya Closed Basin to support the efforts in this region for a sustainable and resilient agricultural production.

The event continued with presentations on ‘Strengthening Capacities of Farmers in Turkey’, presentation of FFS history over the past 30 years and FFS experience in Konya and Karaman under the ‘Sustainable Land Management and Climate Smart Agriculture’ project funded by Global Environment Fund.

A large number of audience including the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Universities, local institutions, NGOs and farmers attended to the celebration.