ILO organised occupational safety and health training seminars towards employers, Syrians under temporary protection and members from host community

wcms_638976“OSH Training Seminar for Employers” was organised on 25 July 2018 in Gaziantep in cooperation with Gaziantep Chamber of Industry. 65 Turkish and Syrian employers attended to the seminar. The president of the Syria Businessmen Association, Mr. Halid Babilli said that “These seminars are very important for the integration of Syrian employers and employees to the labour market and raising awareness. We expect the continuation of the training and seminars for Syrian employers and employees.” The objective of the seminar was raising awareness on OSH among employers, informing the employers on the roles and responsibilities including employees’ and updating the participants about the recent national legislation.

OSH seminars were also organised in Ankara on 7-8-9 August 2018 for those Syrian and Turkish trainees who participate in vocational and technical training organised in cooperation with ILO, Anatolian Vocational Training Association (ANADOLU MED) and Foundation of Supporting Vocational Training and Small Industry (MEKSA),. More than 250 participants attended to the seminar and they were informed about the subjects including risks at workplace considering their vocations, the protective measures for these risks, the concepts of occupational accident and disease/recording and notifications, safety culture.

The general objective of the OSH seminars carried out by the ILO is to prevent the potential occupational accidents and diseases at workplace level.