ILO supports the implementation of the “Action Plan for Women’s Employment”

İŞKUR Cinsiyet Eşitliği SeminerleriPersonnel from İŞKUR General Directorate, Job and Occupation Counsellors, and Gender Representatives from 81 provinces received training in “Gender Sensitive Public Employment Services” in February and March 2017. Trainings were delivered as a part of the project “More and Better Jobs for Women: Women’s Empowerment through Decent Work in Turkey” carried out jointly by ILO and İŞKUR with the funding of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). 

The first “Action Plan for Women’s Employment” in Turkey was developed to promote women’s employment and support İŞKUR’s (Turkish Employment Agency) activities in this field. The Action Plan prepared with ILO’s technical support will be in implementation in the period 2016-2018 by İŞKUR with contributions from relevant parties. 

Trainings in Gender Sensitive Public Employment Services

One of the priority objectives of the Action Plan is building occupational skills in women and their referral to jobs to promote women’s employment. The development of gender equality perspective in İŞKUR services is one of the measures adopted to attain this objective. In this contest more than 300 personnel working in İŞKUR received training in gender equality in February and March in 2017.

Provincial Gender Representatives

To effectively attain the objectives set in the Action Plan, a manager at Deputy Director or Branch Director level in each Provincial Employment Directorate was designated as “Provincial Gender Representative”, thus making 81 representatives in total. These representatives are responsible for monitoring and reporting the implementation of the Action Plan in their respective provinces. By delivering training to provincial gender representatives, the ILO made its contribution to the development of gender perspective in İŞKUR services and also to the development of work plans in respective provinces within the framework of the Action Plan for Women’s Employment.

Gender Equality Approach in Counselling Services for Women

Besides trainings for İŞKUR General Directorate personnel and agency’s provincial representatives, some 175 job and occupation counsellors serving in project’s pilot provinces also received training in gender equality. This training is intended to contribute to the delivery of gender sensitive services to job-seeking women applying to İŞKUR.

Topics covered in trainings include the following: The importance of women’s employment and its contribution to economy; development of local action plans to promote women’s employment; points to be considered by job and occupation counsellors while interviewing job-seeking women; role of provincial gender representatives in the delivery of gender sensitive public employment services; and ways of further developing gender equality approach. Participants were awarded their training certificates by İŞKUR and ILO managers.