Joyful April 23 At SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre

ILO-SADAApril 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day was joyfully celebrated by the children benefitting from then childcare services at the SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre under the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls” being implemented in Gaziantep by the ILO Office for Turkey in cooperation with UN Women and ASAM.

The children of the beneficiaries at workshops at the SADA Women Centre and GESOB play various games enhancing motor skills at childcare centres accompanied by interpreters and trainers, engage in activities and colourful events that reinforce socialisation. At the childcare centres that offer an environment for the cohesion of Syrian and Turkish children, children also learn songs in Turkish and Arabic, watch cartoon movies, make various toys using recycled materials. Preparing various dances and stage plays for special occasions such as April 23, New Year, Mother’s Day, children perform their shows for mothers.

The first April 23 event was held at the child-friendly ground at GESOB on 18 April 2019. Children both had fun and performed on the stage for their mothers the shows they had been preparing for two weeks at the event attended by 60 women from the courses on shoe-upping, packaging and Turkish conversation club. Children performed the “Reyhani” folkdance from Mardin region, Zeybek dance, “Roma” dance as well as “Roll Your Hands”, a theatrical piece in English. The spectators enjoyed the shows, then celebrated the April 23 dancing with the children.

The second event was hosted by ASAM at Gaziantep Burc Park where 40 children from the childcare centre of SADA Women Centre performed a show specifically prepared for April 23. The show included the song “Fasa Fiso”, a rock-band show, Keloglan sketches and various dances, and both performing children and 400 women in the audience had great fun. A fashion show of professions staged with costumes made of waste materials was much admired by the audience; and the song “Fasa Fiso” sung by all criticised traditional gender roles. The events prepared by children along with trainers and interpreters through work of two weeks both marked April 23 and served a happy occasion for children and mothers