Logo for SADA Women’s Cooperative selected by vote!

sada-logo secimi

A logo was selected for SADA Women’s Cooperative which recently completed its founding under the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls” being implemented in Gaziantep jointly by UN Women, ILO and ASAM.

With women actively involved in the logo selection process from design drawing to selection, the efforts started with drawing logo sketches by 70 women of Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan nationality who were receiving packaging training. At the end of two months’ work, approximately 100 draft logos were compiled, and 6 were selected, with assistance from the packaging trainer, as best representing the goal and characteristics of SADA Women’s Cooperative. A questionnaire form was devised to present the 6 logos to the review and vote by the women who benefited from training at the SADA Women Development and Solidarity Centre. Votes were received from 418 women; and the script “Sada” in Arabic, which means voice in Turkish, carved on rising Sun was came first with 159 votes. Thus, the logo with highest vote was selected as the emblem of SADA Women’s Cooperative. The designer of the winning logo, Ms. Rinde Hilli, said: “I imagine the SADA Women Centre as a son illuminating all around, therefore I want the Sun to represent our cooperative” explaining why she opted for the Sun as the cooperative’s emblem.

Here is our interview with Ms. Rinde Hilli:

Would you introduce yourselves?

Rinde Hilli: I am 43 years old, I lost my husband in the war in Syria. I had 4 children, two daughters and two sons. Unfortunately, I lost one my sons to cancer at age 20. We came to Turkey when we learned that my son had cancer. There was no opportunity in Syria for his treatment. Now, I have been living in Gaziantep for four years, and recently been married again.

Were you working before coming to Turkey?

Yes, I was a manager of a childcare centre. In my free time, I also taught at the Koranic school.

How did you learn about SADA Women Centre?

My trainer colleagues from the school where I taught in Syria told me that there was a place called SADA Women Centre and it provided free Turkish language courses. I came to the Centre to register for the Turkish course. There I saw there was a packaging course as well. Thinking that it would be useful to me, I also registered for the packaging course. At the packaging course I received training on manufacturing packaging materials, Chinese pot painting, producing fabric bags, making relief statues etc. I also learned about women’s solidarity at the Centre. I learned that women could be strong and stand on their feet under all circumstances.

So, how is your logo design story?

I imagine the SADA Women Centre as a son illuminating all around. Just as the Sun nourishes a seed in the soil to full growth, I believe that the SADA Women Centre empowers women, enables them to stand strongly on their own feet. Further, the Sun is the source of life for all living things in the nature. That is why I think the SADA Women Centre would be best represented by the Sun.”

Are you involved in the establishment efforts of SADA Women’s Cooperative?

I participated in the training on cooperative establishment through the packaging class. I believe that the most important benefit of the cooperative is that it increases cohesion among Turkish and Syrian women. In addition, it will enable us to produce, sell us products, share the revenues, thus become stronger. It will help us be more active in business life. It will strengthen us both economically and in women’s solidarity. I am going to take up work at the packaging workshop as the mould remover when the cooperative starts production.

Your design was most liked in the survey for logo, and selected as the logo of SADA Women’s Cooperative. How do you feel?

First, I am very happy. Considering the work of SADA Women Centre, I am aware that the cooperative was established at great sacrifice. Therefore, I am proud that my design was selected as the logo to represent the cooperative.