Syrian, Turkish and Afghan women of SADA Women’s Cooperative attended Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival


Syrian, Turkish and Afghan women of SADA Women’s Cooperative participated in the International Gastronomy Festival in Gaziantep, with their dishes and products.

The International Gastronomy Festival organized on 12-15 September 2019 in Gaziantep became even more delicious with the participation of SADA Women’s Cooperative set up by 50 women with the motto “United we are stronger.” Through the Cooperative launched by Syrian, Turkish and Afghan women, SADA women are now able to generate income out of their production. The Cooperative contributes to social cohesion between the migrant and Turkish communities. The Cooperative’s next stop is in Paris!

Supported by UN Women Turkey in cooperation with the International Labour Organization (ILO), Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Association for Solidarity with Asylum-Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) the cooperative consists of women who have benefited from the services of the SADA Centre.

Having completed vocational training in various courses at the Centre financed by the European Union and Government of Japan, women have the means and opportunity to get their products to customers through the Cooperative.

Syrian, Afghan and Turkish motives

At the SADA Centre Women receive training in such as shoe-making, kitchen workshop, home textiles. SADA Women’s Cooperative offers them the opportunity to generate income out of the items produced after taking vocational training. Women produce many products such as leather bags, leather shoes, wallets, beach bags, makeup kit, etc. In addition, they cook dishes of Syrian, Afghan and Turkish cuisines in the kitchen workshop.

The Cooperative forges bonds between Syrian, Afghan and Turkish women, and fosters social cohesion on account of cultural interaction. Women reflect Syrian, Afghan and Turkish cultures and motives onto the dishes, bags, and clothes that they produce.

From Gaziantep to Paris Peace Forum

With every woman having a voice and managed equitably and democratically, the Cooperative will be heading to Paris! As one of the top 100 successful initiatives, it was selected to introduce itself in Paris Peace Forum and meet the leading names in the world.

Products Displayed at Gastronomy Festival

Opening a stand at the Gastronomy Festival, SADA Women’s Cooperative offered both its delicious dishes and other products to the people of Gaziantep. Throughout the Festival, the stand introduced Syrian desserts, Turkish dishes, Afghan handicrafts and many other products enriching the Festival.