Towards Women Solutions to Climate Change in Turkey

nurantaluGlobal change is on the top of the list of the problems today and regarded as an all-out struggle being waged by humanity. In addition to international climate agreements, which have been in effect for years, the Paris Climate Agreement, the last one which took effect in November 2016, clearly recognized the connection between the climate change and gender factors.

This declaration made at the level of the United Nations is seen as an important opportunity for strengthening the roles of women in climate change policies (low carbon economy, renewable energy, climate-smart agriculture, climate friendly cities, etc.).

As women’s fight on the climate change captures growing attention on the global agenda, policies in that area unfortunately lack the gender equality perspective in Turkey which has signed the Paris Agreement. To bridge this gap, “Lost Component in Combating Climate Change in Turkey: Women” Project, supported by United Nations Development Program, Global Environment Fund, Small Grants Program (UNDP/GEF/SGP) was the first of its kind implemented in Turkey in terms of its topic and it was completed in collaboration with Global Balance Association and Turkish Women’s Union as partners as a result of efforts made in one year.

A final report entitled “Women Solutions to Climate Change in Turkey” was produced at the end of the project and it was shared with the public at a project closing meeting held in Ankara on February 8, 2018, which was attended by many segments of the community fighting against the climate change, particularly women NGOs and CSOs. The report serves as a road map explaining how women can be involved in various economic sectors and thematic areas related to the fight against climate change in Turkey (policy, climate finance, energy, agriculture, food, city planning, disasters, climate justice, conservation of the nature, water management, healthcare, labor) as decision makers.