Turkey became my home thanks to friendships I have here

delal subek

Escaping from the war in Syria, Delal Şubek moved to Turkey together with her 5 children, 8 years ago. She has registered herself to one of the courses at the SADA Women Empowerment and Solidarity Center located in Gaziantep. The SADA Center operates under the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls and Host Communities in Turkey“ led by UN Women in partnership with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants and International Labor Organisation. Delal shares 8 years of her life experience with us.

Migrating to Turkey from Syria was a very hard period for me. It has been 8 years since we came here. I truly miss my mother, my friends, and siblings. I had to leave many of my friends back in Syria. My youngest son was only 20 months old when we came to Turkey. Even though he doesn’t remember anything, he is happy when we talk about our life back in Aleppo.

I was very worried when I first came to Turkey. I was in a new society and I had no idea about their traditions and their opinions about the Syrian people. This was the first house I lived in and Meryem, our house owner, was my best friend and she helped us a lot. When she saw that my flat was empty, she went from door to door asking for help for us. It made me upset not being able to see her when I visited this neighborhood fist time after 5 years, but I can never forget her support. I liked Turkey thanks to her friendship.

Today, I visited my close friend from Gaziantep. She helped me a lot when I first came to Turkey. Hugging her, remembering our memories reminded me of the power of our friendship. I will never forget this atelier, where my friend provided me a job, supported me and guided me when I came to Turkey.

I learned about the SADA Women Empowerment and Solidarity Center through a friend of mine. I registered with a vocational training course. During my time at the SADA Center, I listened to the stories of my Turkish and Afghan friends. It helped me realize that Turkish and Afghani women also have similar problems as us Syrian women. I felt much closer to them.

SADA provided us with so many opportunities that we are in need of. It helped us learn, be empowered and make new friends. Now that the SADA Women’s Cooperative has been established. We are working and producing collectively, together with our friends. I would like to thank all the institutions supporting the SADA Women Center.