UNDP Turkey’s GWA Mert Fırat visited “Troy Culture Route” supported by Future is in Tourism project

Mert Fırat Çanakkale VisitThe publicity launch of “Troy Culture Route”, a project supported under the “Future is in Tourism” programme jointly implemented by the T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, United Nations Development Programme, and Anadolu Efes was conducted with the participation of UNDP Turkey’s Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat, Çanakkale Governor Orhan Tavlı and project partners.

Having visited the various villages on the Troy Culture Route of 120 kilometres from Troy to Assos, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat took part in marking and cleaning of the newly completed locations of the route.

Mert Fırat visited the antique city of Troy, and villages of Çıplak, Kalafat and Geyikli; and had conversations with village people, volunteers and officials on the road from Korubaşı village to the antique city of Assos.

Appointed as the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador in October 2017, Mert Fırat stated that “I have been closely following the efforts of developing the tourism-based local development model engaged in since 2007 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, UNDP and Anadolu Efes. I am much excited to observe on site one of the three projects supported under the Future is in Tourism. Once fully operationalised, the hiking route will positively impact the lives of many people here. It is also exciting that such work will be completed in the Troy Year.”

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced 2018 as the “Troy Year” on the 20th anniversary of the inclusion of antique city of Troy in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Hiking and biking on Troy Culture Route

Under the Troy Culture Route project jointly implemented by the Governorship of Çanakkale and the History and Culture Foundation of Çanakkale (ÇATKAV), the marking was completed in villages within Ezine and Ayvacık districts.

Encompassing more than 20 villages in the region, the route was built up to link the most important archaeological and historical assets such as Troy, Alexandria Troas, Apollon Smintheion and Assos. The hiking routes were set as GPS coordinates. Simultaneously held are the information meetings for villagers and sustainable tourism meetings.

Through the Troy Culture Route implemented in 2018, an internationally certified culture route will be built boasting various archaeological, historical, cultural and natural assets.

In addition to the Troy Culture Route, the “Future is in Tourism” this year supports “A Day in Ovacık Village” in Şile, Istanbul, and “Women will light up Perşembe’s lights” in Perşembe, Ordu.

The “Future is in Tourism” every year provides funding, training, planning, communication, consulting and technical assistance to three ideas of tourism on the basis of sustainability.

For more information on the “Future is in Tourism” and supported projects: www.gelecekturizmde.com