UNIDO: Study Visit Was Held in Japan Within Mınamata Initial Assesment Project on Mercury Management



The study visit was held on 27-31 May 2019 within Minamata Initial Assessment Project on Mercury Management in Tokyo and Minamata, Japan. Mr.Şeref Yılmaz, Ms. Bursev Doğan Artukoğlu, Ms. Zeynep Leloğlu, Ms. Gözde Aydoğ ve Mr. Ahmet Daşkınfrom Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Environment Management Directorate, Priority Chemicals Management Department and Ms. Ayşen Toksöz from United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) were participated to the study visit.

Authorities  of Ministy of Environment of Japan and Turkish Delegation discussed and exchanged information on the mission’s objective, the Mercury Pollution Prevention Act, products, market research and mercury waste management during two days.

Afterwards, Turkish Delegation traveled to Kumamoto City in order to visit Kumamoto Prefecture Office and florescent recycling facility. Turkish Delegation then travelled to Minamata to visit Minamata High School, Minamata Disease Municipal Museum, Minamata Disease Municipal Museum, Minamata Disease Archive, Minamata Cleaning Center, Minamata Eco-City in order to see the practices related to the subject.

All details about the project are available at www.civasizturkiye.com.