Workshop by ILO for Turkish Judges and Legal Educators

İstanbul'da OSH ÇalıştayıWithin the context of ongoing technical assistance project in Turkey on “Continued Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) in Turkey through Compliance with International Labour Standards” (ILS), a workshop was organized on 25-26 September 2017 in İstanbul bringing together representatives of regional courts – mostly labour courts, Court of Cassation, Court of Appeal, Turkey Justice Academy and Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) to improve their awareness of ILS and OSH.

In the context of the project, the collaboration with the Turkey Justice Academy and the Court of Cassation was launched last year and ILO financed the participation of two Turkish judges to go to Turin last summer to participate in the course for Judges, Prosecutors and Legal Educators. The first workshop was held on 2-3 November 2016 in Ankara for raising awareness and the needs of judiciary were discussed during the technical panels. Based on this, it was understood that there was a need for expanding the scope of the workshop covering more judges particularly for the regional courts and lower courts. Furthermore, considering the feedbacks of the participants, it was decided to develop the OSH part of the workshop notably for the problematic issues in the field such as the functionality of court experts, mediation, liability of Occupational Safety Experts, etc.

More than 50 judges participated in the two-day workshop on 25-26 September 2017 in İstanbul. ILO Consultant Ms. Catherine Brakenhielm, academics from the law faculty of universities as well as members of the Court of Cassation and Court of Appeal carried out presentations covering ILS and OSH.

During the workshop, representatives of Supreme Courts gave examples to the court decisions which were referring to ILS particularly on OSH and highlighted that ILS could be complementary to clarify some cases. It was concluded that the cooperation between the ILO and judiciary should be continued and strengthened so that the judiciary could be more familiar with not only the ILS but also the Recommendations and comments of Committee of Experts for the Application of Standards (CEACR).